About This Site

I wasn't really very happy with the choices of blogging platforms I had. I objectively didn't want to host a security oriented blog with wordpress, and so instead I decided to build the platform myself. This site has been built with Python; it uses the Flask web framework and the backend is managed by a Postgres database.

The post content can be written and stored in Markdown syntax, with some extra tag functionality and HighlightJS supporting the codeblocks with dynamic code highlighting.

Some Things I have Achieved

  • Cyber Security Challenge Australia (2015)
  • Survivor of the UNSW Advanced Operating Systems (AOS) course in 2016. (I have the shirt too!)
  • Course tutor of Algorithms and Datastructures course (COMP1927) @ UNSW in 2014.
  • Had an artwork exhibited at the Airspace Gallery in Marrickville in 2016.

Things I aspire to be

I appreciate the courageousness of the strong people in my life, like my mum. This courage motivates me to be better than what I am today.

I embrace the unique strengths and weaknesses of my peers, they supplement and ammend my own. I am open to what others want to share, and strive to interact with others only with sincere intentions.

I appreciate the educators I have had; my teachers, lecturers and peers which have filled my mind with wonder and awe.

Account Rules

If you have an access key, your 'Login Name' is your alias. Let me know if you find any bugs, but don't try do crazy stuff that affects other users (just yet). I use this site as a resume, so don't post illegal or not safe for work things.

People who inspire me

  • Mum (For dealing with me!)
  • Richard Buckland
  • Gernot Heiser
  • Andy White